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Nirvana and My So Called Life

The grunge starter collection was an amazing way to bring in the year. I had a lot of fun with this collection, listening to a lot of bands I wasn't familiar with really before. I had heard of Nirvana but I didn't really know them and Kurts story. They quickly became my favorite. 

I also was introduced to My So Called Life, and Jodan, oh the lean! This became kind of a thing through out all the pictures, needed to get at least one lean. 

We went to the mall here to get a few fun shots, we discovered that the grunge look never was really very big on the Islands though, at least this part of them. So many looks, people actually came out of stores.. super weird lol 

Even with the few uncomfortable moments, and looks, this was super fun, I love all the pieces I made, and am looking forward to seeing whats next from George + Ginger because this is only the beginning of the year! 

The pieces here are the Teen Spirit top, the paranoid tied at the waist and my favorite pair of evenin…

What is more 90's than Malibu?

One of the first shoots we did for this round was with this dress at a local park. It was the first time I had all the make up on, and my mom said she didn't recognize me! The park was surprisingly busy, of course lol so many looks

Our local park still has a working payphone, I have to admit I didn't exactly know how it worked, while I love the 90's era of music and movies, I did not grow up with the phones and electronics. 

This is the Malibu from George + Ginger, part of the new collection there. It is a pretty comfortable dress, this is the mini length there is a slightly longer one too and a few people made it into a tank, that is on my list. The cut of this dress, while fairly basic is really fun and easy to dress up or down a bit. I paired it with the updated rave in white for these. 

Of course I made these two out of crushed velvet and plaid because I was going for the 90's vibe. This entire collection has become stables in my wardrobe.  I tied the paranoid aro…

Upcycle sweater into amazing grunge look Teen Spirit

My mom has a history of telling me 'pose like this' and I typically react with 'there is no way this won't look ridiculous', and guess what, it typically does not look ridiculous. Which is both wonderful and really annoying. The above is one of those moments, it is one of my absolute favorites from this round of testing. 

There is a little story behind this top. I was given a bunch of clothing from relatives when I started sewing so that I could practice on them, I have had this sweater sitting in a pile for almost 2 years! I knew I liked it but I wasn't sure what I wanted to make with it. During the testing for the new collection from George + Ginger, I made 2 different Teen Spirits. I loved both of them, they are dolman style and great fits, they both have hoods, then it hit me, THE SWEATER! I knew it would be perfect. 

I really lucked out that I was able to use the original neckband, I had to do some alterations to the rest to make it work though, and no ho…

The time is finally here! The launch of a new collection!

I have mentioned more than a few times, everywhere about the new collection I have been testing the last few weeks, well it officially launched today so be ready for an Alyssa overload! 
I was born in 2005, however, my parents are 80's babies making them teens in the 90's and I have been lucky enough to have them share all the music and movies from that era with me. Which makes this collection even more amazing, because I can feel it in my teen angst moodiness deeply lol. 

I can not even say first here is one pattern, they all just go together so well and make the most amazing outfits. So hang on and come along on this grunge ride with me, some behind the scenes looks as well as the final project over the next week or so because there are so many pieces! 

 Between all the pattern testing, make up lessons, and photoshoots, I was still managing a full high school work load, another benefit of homeschooling! Being in Hawaii we are battling the sun for pictures a lot so it nice t…

Never under estimate what a kid will do to go to the movies!

When Toy Story 4 was about to hit theaters my little sister asked to go see it, but she has never seen the first 3, she's only seen the shorts. So my mom told her she needed to watch the first 3 and if she liked them and could sit through them then my dad would take her. 

No one expected her to make it through 1 let alone all 3 marathon style. When she finished watching all 3 she immediately asked how soon she could go. Maybe a bit of a backfire lol. 

After seeing the 4th one, she could not stop talking about Bo. That is her favorite, so for Christmas she got a Bo pop, which of course had to join her in these pictures.

I made her this fun skirt with large pockets, out of border print. It wasn't my original plan, but I accidentally didn't order enough for what I had thought to make for her, but I think this turned out really cute and she's thrilled with it! 

Who says you can only have one style?

I am really feeling the 90's grunge, goth, vibe right now. Maybe its the teen in me or a phase but I am loving the look and the freedom I feel rocking it. 

This circle skirt is part of the new Fabriculous round open right now. It is meant to be colorful and fun and part of a Toy Story theme, I might have turned that a little bit on its head. 

BUT how cool is this? Totally different look and feel with a little bit of styling. I love it. Is a piece I can change up so easily.  Right now though, I am loving this styling. 

There is no Planet B - Space & Science Round

This panel is one of my favorites from the current Space & Science round over at Royal Pixie. Taking pictures of my sister in her new pj's and she told me she had the perfect pose, and she was right! I loved it! 

Kaylee loves the stars, space and reading, so of course I made another reading pillow and several styles of bookmarks. She was a bit bummed when I said they weren't for her to keep. 

This planet fabric and the galaxy print both look so great on book marks, they will be a part of our read across America promotion starting later this month.                                                                                                   

There are still a few days if you would like to have something specially made with this fabric to work up an order while this is still on pre order. Don't wait and miss out!