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Black Sheep Super Sewists

The last few weeks have been a whirl wind! I have been sewing strikes, pattern testing, and having photoshoots pretty much every day for the last 3 weeks.  I have been so fortunate with opportunities these past few weeks to really test limits, try new styles, looks, and work with some amazing people I admire. I have so many exciting this to share this month that I a really proud of.  The first thing I get to share is being picked to work with Becca the owner of  Black Sheep Fabrics , and one of her admins Florence. I admire both of these women so much, the style, and the beauty they bring to this sewing community. I am in awe of them daily. This was a dream come true.  This gorgeous fabric is from the current round at Black Sheep. The super sewists, red and black grunge made this outfit epic! I am so proud of this outfit and look. I love all the details in the design, the art work and representation is breath taking! To make it even better I decid

Fabriculous accessories, cup panels, and amazing scrap busting projects

The very first set of strikes I got from  Fabriculous . I was feeling a bit extra and went with a huge bow and headbands, because you can never have to many headbands! They are like hair ties they magically disappear when you aren't looking.  I got this tumbler panel in a strict pack with a see what you can do with it note, I thought about a pocket cause thats a super easy way to use them, but thats not really fun, or creative. So instead I drafted a wallet, I am not sure a wallet is more fun, but it was fun creating the pattern for it. I looked at several tutorials but none were completely what I wanted so here we are 😁 During this same round, A hat pattern had just come ut and I really wanted to make one for myself, It is not perfect but I love it so much. I have made several since.  The lace look I used on the hat was perfect for this wristlet too. Fabricuouls has really gotten my out of my comfort zone and pushed me in new directions

My Fab Posh Top

I love fabriculous  custom fabrics bamboo lycra. It is so soft like this dreamy between butter soft and silky. Its magic, cool and comfortable to be in all day here.  Now its well know I live in Hawaii, so long sleeves are not often something I often do my choice, but this fabric is that comfortable! its just so light and airy. The first time I ever got bamboo I was really nervous to work with it because its so different from other bases, not I get it in all the time.  This is the posh top from  George + Ginger , when I got this bamboo, I knew I needed to make a posh, the subtle style and added touches of the shirt at the neck, wrists, and shoulders.  Did you notice the ice? The rest reminds me of frosted glass, its amazing right?!

Kaylee rocking some fabriculous!

I made the coolest outfit for my sister! She was disappointed that she wasn't getting anything from this round so I looked at my scraps and came up with the best idea! I made her the new Truffle skirt from  Candy Castle , with all the ruffles it was perfect for the random pieces I had.  I paired it with a dolman from  Phat Quarters  that I made into a crop because this skirt needed a skull crop. I think the end result is very rocker... She however is more cute than rocker lol, we did have a lot of fun with the pictures though  This round from  Fabriculous  is seriously epic you really need to check it out! 

90's vibe pencil skirt!

I had a little bit of this black skull fabric from Fabriculous  left so I made what I think is the most epic pencil skirt!  A little bit of color blocking and some faux leather and boom statement piece for my goth/grunge collection I am working on.           I am not sure how good I am at the moody part of teen angst, but I am nailing the fashion part lol. I am working on make up and music, so what is your favorite 90's grunge rock band or song? I have been working on a play list. 😁