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Happy Halloween, costumes and more

This year my sister and I both wanted to go as characters from Descendants. I pulled inspiration from all 3 movies and the cartoon to come up with something different and something we can wear after halloween too!

Kaylee is inspired by Mal, she has moto on her pants, and the characters on the fabric lining her jacket. 

She really embraced the rotten to the core attitude here. 

I LOVE me some Carlos so I wanted something I felt like was a nod to him and I really wanted it to be something I could wear year round, because I REALLY LOVE Carlos! 

I have moto on my shorts as well, and the two tone of the jacket like he often did. I accented with the red because those were his colors and I am so happy with how it turned out. 

I was less serious and rotten cause Carlos is a pretty happy guy even when fighting lol. 


Dean and his Fab Unicorn eating Dino!

When I saw this design from Fabriculous I knew I had to get it for my brother! He loves it so much, and the fact that our little sister does not love it is admittedly a bit of a bonus lol. 

I made him a whole outfit, an Altitude hoody from Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop and wide leg pants from Ellie & Mac. I don't think he will ever own store bought pants again. These fit him so much better! As my dad says the struggle is real, he's a size 5t waist and 12 length! 

Anyway back to this awesome fabric lol. The colors are so rich and bright, and the graphic is so detailed. There are a lot of options this round but this is a really fun one I think. There is also the same panel but with words saying my dino ate your unicorn! Kaylee is not a fan lol 

I love how happy he is to get things I make for him. He is always so excited to tell everyone I made him what he's wearing. 

Elephant House makes me Merry....

I was really excited to get picked for this panel! 

It is the perfect blend of angst and adorable! Did you see that elephant?! So cute!
This was a design of my own making in a way, I had a vision and mashed a couple patterns together and then completely created the sleeve detail on my own. I am really looking forward to wearing this come the holidays! 

I think this might have been the most fun photoshoot because it was mid summer and we were outside in the front of our house with Christmas decorations and running down to use the neighbors trees that line the property for privacy...

I can't wait to see what the coming year brings to this amazing company. 

#FABsessed in my camo Campfire Jumper

The other day I showed you the Fall collection from George + Ginger and promised to share my jumper too. 

I feel like I need to mention right away as to not have anyone stressed, these tracks are not a full set or in use here on the island they are abandoned and were along the path way we took the rest of them. 

Now that that is out of the way, lets talk amazing fabric and pattern details :) This fabric is the  Rebel Camo Ultra Stretch Woven Lightweight Denim from The Fab Clique. They are seriously my go to for fabric, shipping is so fast and the range of styles and quality is always on point. 

I had so much fun taking these pictures and sewing up this jumper. The fit is perfect, super comfortable with a lot of style and personality. I have worn it so much already. It is such a fun piece and has so many looks and options to the pattern. I am going to make the pants next I think, I see this set being a fall staple! 

Black & Grey Buffalo Plaid Campfire Set

I think I have mentioned before that I LOVE testing George + Ginger patterns with Kristi because she really wants her patterns and collections to be special, perfect and her vision. This Campfire set is part of the 2019 Fall Collection. You can also get this pattern by its self, the collection in clouds this amazing set, (Full romper, capri, and stand alone pants, along with a jumper) The October dress, which comes in 3 lengths, and a beautiful extra top, and it is so EXTRA! I am gonna add the line drawings, there are so many options and looks that can be created with this collection. I am so excited about it. 

 What I mad and am showing you here is the full pant romper, with the optional tie back, I did make a jumper too that I will show in a bit more detail tomorrow. 

This fabric is from Blended Thread Fabrics, they are based out of Canada, but totally worth the extra cost. It was a dream to sew with, a great structure and heavy weight. There is only 6 yards of it left in stock whi…

Tiegan Cardigan has launched!

This new cardigan has some really fun options, and comes in a kids and adult version so bring on all the matching sets! 

Below is a line drawing of the different style options for the Tiegan Cardigan by The Simple Life Company. All of these options are available in the girls and women versions. 
I made two, both sleeveless options because, Hawaii, but the duster and cardigan length. The sister is about mid calf and the cardigan was about mid thigh on me. 

I think I will make the little girls version for Kaylee next, with the ruffle option cause she's fancy lol.  This was a super fun make, really easy to sew and I had this amazing fabric in my stash from The Fab Clique. A lot of my stash is from them lol I really am #FABsessed. They ship so fast and the quality and selection is always on point and trend. 

Can you have to much sass, or pink?

Fabriculous has an enchanted round open right now, and it is epic! 

This dress is made from 2 of the coordinates. This is a pattern I have had filed away for so long, but never found fabric I really liked for it. I think these pinks compliment the dress design and each other perfectly on it. It's pinklishous. 

This round has great coordinates in several colors, mermaids, Dinosaurs, Unicorns, great bag rapports with the best sayings! I have a video up on my Facebook and an album with some of the other designs I made as well. Everything works so well together and the black and white designs have my heart this round! 

Kaylee wants you to remember I am happy to create amazing one of a kind designs for you with anything you see offered in the round as well. The samples I made are to show off the graphics, and colors not limit the possibilities.