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Saint Barbara's Day Ball Gown!

My mom and dad were planning to go the the Saint Barbara's ball this year, she had a dress in mind she really wanted, Mich had made one a few months ago that was a bit of an inspiration here. I changed a bit though.

The biggest change was my momma needed pockets! I mashed the Star struck, and a little rival from George & Ginger, along with the mermaid skirt pattern from Tie Dye Diva. There was a lot of trial and error with this concept and lot of trying it on in stages inside out and chalk SO MUCH CHALK. 

The end result though was not only totally the wow factor we both wanted but also the most comfortable ball gown in history lol. 

 Have you ever done squats in a ball gown and heels, cause this was tested and it works! The best part was totally how much my mom loved it and both my mom and dad told EVERYONE that I made her dress and thats a pretty good feeling! 

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George + Ginger Zappa Pants!

When this pattern first came out I knew I wanted it, I wasn't sure which style or what fabric but they looked so cool! 

Truth be told my mom ordered this fabric to make pants for herself... I sew faster though 🤷

This is stretch corduroy, in olive. It is so soft and these pants are so amazing. The fit is great, they are comfortable, lots of compliments and I MADE THEM! 

The Zappa pants are pattern of the month over at G+G and only $6.75 until January! There are a couple different looks to this pattern, these are the flares. 
 I may have made a second pair to go with a holiday top I made! I will let you check those out later this week. I really love these pants, now I just need the temperature here to finally drop low enough to wear pants instead of shorts!

Customizable Baby Bibs! So much fun!

I really wanted to do something fun with this bib pattern from Candy Castle. Fun Holiday bibs with embroidery for the win!

This bib has 3 sizes; 3-9 months 17.25-19" 9-18 months 19-20.75" 18 months - 2 years 10.75-21.75"

It also has an option for pocket or no pocket and can be made double sided with coordinating fabrics. The ones pictured here are single sided. 

These bids have the arm holes built in and a tie that can be adjusted around the back, making these fir very securely and would be great for cake smashes! 

I embroidered a cute fun design on each of these to fit with the holiday season. 

These can be made with so many different kinds of fabrics and with limitless options for personalization! 

Reading Pillow! Birthday gift + product testing = PERFECTION!

I made this reading pillow slip cover for my brother for his birthday this week. As soon as he saw this fabric he really wanted something with it, but I already had some plans for me lol. I did come up with this great idea so we could both share in the junk food goodness. 

This fabric is up for preorder over at Royal Pixie Custom Fabric, they have some great junk food, and sweet treat prints up over there on this preorder. I was so excited to get this one, and I am looking at the chocolates to order. Check them out and let me know what your favorite is! 

You may remember me mentioning I have an embroidery machine? I saved up all my birthday money, and was given some early Christmas money to get all set up. It is so cool to be able to add little touches to things, and really set them apart from other projects. For this reading pillow I put my brothers name on it and 2 of his favorite junk food items. 

It is not perfect I admit but this was the first one I had made and was working out …

This Princess Saves Herself!

Doesn't this just scream Kaylee? If you have been following along for a while now, or know my family personally, you know my sister needs no help from anyone! There will be no knight needed here. 

When I saw this graphic from the current round over at The Fabric Geeks, I was so excited about it.  I knew I wanted to make her a mini swagger, now the sugar pea from Gober Pea, it has enough sass, but can be total kick butt too. 

I added 3 of the star power ups embroidered on the front ruffle too, because I am so excited about the new machine I am added touches everywhere, and they are her favorite power up! 

There are several other really cute designs up this round, a life is full of choices panel and some of the amazing coordinates for bags as well. There is still time to get in on this order if you are interested just let me know! 

This month we celebrate Handbags, wallets, diaper bags and the like!

I wasn't sure I was going to love making bags, and now here I am with a whole month to celebrate the different style and companies. 

I love how easy they are to add your own personal flare too, you can change up a couple things and it become a unique one of a kind item. 

This post is just a few of the different styles I have made over the last year, I have been working on so many more for this month, they make sure great gifts heading into the holidays. 

I can customize with different fabrics, and embroidery a bag just for you, most of the ones shown here and over the month are up for sale on my website, and peeks on facebook

 The fabric choices can really change the look as can the difference between lycra and woven. Adding in foam and different interfacing for more or less structure. There are just so many ways to change the same pattern up and have them look different while being the same basic style. 

Diaper bags are a lot more satisfying and fun to make than I expected the…