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The Starry Night

When I saw this pattern and I was a little torn on it, if I would really like it or not once it was sewn up. Elephant house just ran this amazing Masters round and I go this beautiful Starry Night fabric for strikes and I knew I needed to try this pattern out with it. It is a bamboo spandex fabric so its really flowy and drapes beautifully.  I really love how the dress turned out, I think the drape makes the fabric and painting really flow beautifully. Like it really is living art,  I take a living arts makeup class on out school with the amazing Jessica (Iris Imaginoria), a month or so  ago, we did the Starry Night painting which is why I was so excited about this fabric. My little sister lets me occasionally practice on her as well, this was one of the paintings she let me try out on her after class. I have had so much fun with these classes.  I love these classes they are so much fun, and I am learning a lot about different techniques and makeup brands, styles and art as well. She

Don't let today be a waste of makeup

I feel like this hoodie is the perfect showcase piece for the direction I want to take this blog, to show off things I make, makeup styles, and travels, the things that make me, well me. I love fashion, makeup, creating beautiful and unique things, I am an Army brat so travel is just life.   This hoodie I made for strikes promo a few weeks ago, it was a new style I hadn't made before. I really love how it turned out. The thumb holes and the black accents really just make it next level for me. I modified it a little cause I wanted a slouchy cowl look.   I had colored my hair 'black' with overtone, its kind of a purple black. I really loved it, was such a drastic change from the colors I have had before but it was a fun one. I was glad it was still dark for this hoodie, the hair and the make up I think worked really well with the colors.  I am still experimenting with different looks and styles of make up but one thing I know for sure, liquid eyeliner is life!