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George + Ginger Monna Supernatural Hoodie

I said I had another to show you 😁 The second of what I have no doubt will be many Monna hoodie. There is so much personality to this hoodie. I can not get over the style and details. 

These pockets are on point! I want to make them in everything now. They are next level detail you get the handiness of a pocket with out the bulk and attention the kangaroo style gives.

Even the back has details to draw your eye and make this a show piece hoodie vs it covering the the show piece. One reason people hate hoodies is because they are a bit dull and shapeless, with the Monna that is a non issue.


Fabriculous Fashionista Fun!

There is nothing better than mixing candy sprinkles with Candy Castle's citron twist shrug! They are made for each other. This twist is one of my favorite patterns I have made several for my sister and it was my special top for my 13th birthday. 

This close up really shows the details on the twist and the fabric. The twist also has a bow option for the from you can see it here.

This amazing fabric is up for a current preorder at Fabriculous Custom Fabrics. So many cute panels that match too! 

This rainbow ice has my heart, well truthfully all the ice. This has to be one of the coolest designs, the sparkle it gives while being soft and the depth this fabric appears to have while being flat blows my mind. I am going to be ordering some of this to make some wallets and bags because its amazing!   

The Doris Skirt is my go to for scraps! I think it gives them new life, and every bit of fabric deserves its moment to shine! I will be stocking these on the website in different styles an…

Monna Hoodie - Quilted Black Leather

When you think hoodie, you think cozy, shapeless and basic. However This Monna hoodie is anything but! It is fashion forward, glam and style all rolled into one! 

This Fabulous Monna Hoodie from The ever amazing George + Ginger Pattern Company is on sale for its new release! Only for a limited time though so if you want to grab it up had better hurry! 

The Monna features banded waist and cuffs, detail piping along the the front and back, and the most fantastic welt pockets! Like seriously these pockets might be my new favorite thing! 

This Quilted Faux Leather knit is a dream to work with, this is my second piece with it. 

I have another one to show you later this week, its amazing how choice of fabric can completely change the look of the same style. 

Gamer Baby - Nintendo Classics

Elephant House Fabrics has the perfect gamer round open right now! Lots of classics, and the graphics while on point are perfect for both big and small projects. 

I made my self Women's Lee Raglan I made a 3/4 length with a curved bottom tunic. The base of is it a super soft plush solid. 

All your favorite games are here! How great is this design 💚 There are so many other cute ones in this round too. 
I made myself some pegs to go with it. Pegs have become my new go to legging, they are from Patterns for Pirates, I added a pocket to the sides for my phone as well, cause as always, POCKETS are life! 

I will be sharing some other makes this week, keep a look out 😃

Swoon - Ethel - Tote

This is the Swoon Ethel tote. If you follow me on Facebook you have seen this bag before, I made it for my Grandmother as a surprise gift. I wanted to take a little time to go over some features it has, as this style will soon be making its appearance on my website very soon.

This bag has two pocket on the out side and I plan to add a small built in flat pocket on the inside. 

Will have coordinating lining, the added pocket will also blend as well.  This bag is 13" wide, 10" tall, 5" deep. 

The picture above is the side with the two outer pockets, they are created with one piece to have them blend, and not distract from the style. 
A close up of the side to show some of the detail work. This is a tote and does not have a closure. If you are interested in ordering one or have any questions please let me know, I would love to work with you!

George + Ginger Rival Dress

This is the pattern of the month for February over at George + Ginger Which means its on sale! I am a little later in posting this than I had originally planned but still lots of time to run over and pick it up if you love it as much as I do. 

This style I am wearing is a sleeveless hooded option. There is also a long, short and 3/4 sleeve, hood, neckband, or cowl neck. All feature the cool pockets on the sides. 

This is the pocket detail, normally the line would be cleaner and the top and folded over, but I used a couple of panels I had as the pockets so I served the top instead. 

This Fabric is from Skylove Creations

I love the style of this one, that you can use different colors and styles of fabrics to get so many different looks, make it a more fancy, or causal, perfect for work, or like this one Comic Con!


Be a cupcake in a world full of muffins

Who doesn't love sweet treats, with a unicorn twist? This is another great design from Fabriculous. This current round is amazing. Something for everyone and Mandi is so sweet, she is adding some things as the round open to make sure everyone gets what they need! 

I am in love with this panel and felt like it fit my sisters personality perfectly.

This romper is from New Horizons Designs, I made a few modifications to it to show case the fabric and to make her happy. She loves the ice its like sparkly jewels. 

I was able to get the pocket accents from the panel too along with part for something yet to come. 

The detail on this romper is so pretty, and really makes showing off new fabrics, or unique designs so easy. Look how cute that unicorn donut is! 

As always I would love to talk to you about the fabric, or the romper if you are interested in having something specially made for you. This truly is a passion for me, a calling and I enjoy sharing my gifts with others. WebsiteEmailIn…

Sparkly Drama Llama!

I love llamas, and I can always bring the drama! So I knew I needed this panel to sew up for this amazing round from Fabriculous Custom Fabrics. The cute little animals on the coordinate, pair so well with the what they call ice. It is even better than glitter, this sparkles in a completely different way. 
This was a new pattern from a European company Sofilantjes. I made the bow back version but added a hood to it, because I really like hoods and like to add my own flair to things. It takes some trail and error to create something unique. 

The details on this fabric is amazing! All the little animals have unicorn horns and they are just adorable. The colors are so bright and fun. I wanted to show how well they all go together so I came up with the adaptions to this top to do so.  

A closer look at the hood, characters, and the bow back. 

If you have any questions about this fabric, the top or anything else I might be able to help with please reach out! EmailwebsiteInstagram

Transformers Rescue Bots!

I have been asked to sew another round over at Fabriculous Custom Fabrics!  This round is fantastic 😍 So rarely does my brother get things when I do strikes, he was super excited about this one! 

This hooded tank is from Duck Butt Designs, this is the first time I have used on of their patterns and I love it! It was so perfect for him and something a little different than what I normally make for him. 

I love the details on this tank, there are several options, hood, no hood, sleeves, the pocket and the panel have several looks and options as well, this just worked the best for this panel and what I wanted as an end result. 

There are several panels for the bots this round, but this is our favorite! I love the toss of the heads faded behind.

My little sister also wanted something with the bots, I didn't have a lot left but I wanted to try out this pattern from Tripple Layer Cake Tunic, so this has a hint of the bots and she gets to match him lol

The detail on this fabric and on …

Princess Dress Watercolor Sugar Pea

As soon as I saw this fabric all I could think of was the amazing Swagger from George & Ginger, I made one for my self last month and just loved it and this fabric screamed for something, fun, and fancy. This is the children's version. 

The detail on this fabric from LMB Fabrics is simply amazing! Just want to pluck one of the dresses off of it to wear! 

Which is your favorite? Cinderella is my personal favorite 

I love this mini swagger, and how simple, but beautiful it is, its become one of her favorites, makes her feel extra sassy! There are several sleeve options, and neck bands as well, also this is the tunic length but it does have a dress option. 

If you are interested in this fabric, a children's swagger or the adult version let me know! I would love to help you out websiteEmailInstagram