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Candy Castles Cappuccino Cardigan is pure LOVE!

This cardigan is a staple! I have some shown here I made in fandom fabrics, The one I am wearing is Supernatural, but it can be made in solid colors as well, and depending on the fabric you like it can be a very cool piece or super warm and cozy. Terrific layering top! This is a solid blue in bamboo lycra, which is an amazing fabric with lots of drape, and cool to the touch, perfect for layering or warmer climates.  This is another angle of my Supernatural one, it is also bamboo, the length of the drape can be adjusted as well, it does not need to be this long.  This one I created my self by adjusting the original pattern to make a children size, this is made out of double brush polly, think the famous leggings, so while it is super light weight, this fabric does not breath so it is very warm. This one is made out of cotton lycra, it still has great drape but it is a thicker warmer fabric, but still breathes.  This gives a basic run down of all the cardigan, the

Beautiful Heirloom Dolls

Dolls, dolls and more dolls! These dolls are hand crafted, each made with its own personality and style. They are made with different textiles, all meet compliance standards. Each face is sewn on by hand, The dolls come in 2 full sizes, then 2 styles of mermaids and starfish.   The mermaid dolls and star fish can be found  here . There are ones with straight tails and ones with curved tails as well.  The larger dolls are 28" All the styles can be found  here .  The smaller of the standard heirloom dolls are 25" all the styles can be found  here . All of these heirloom dolls and doll clothing and accessories for 14-18" dolls can be found on my  website . These dolls can also be customized, just shoot me a message and I will be happy to help you create the perfect doll keepsake. 

Have you missed me?

Life has gotten crazy busy! I have been testing patterns and sewing strike offs, turned 13, and the business has been growing so much I have not been the best at keeping up with my blog. I plan to change that! This is not a hobby for me its a dream, thats where the name for all of this came from, and I want my voice and vision to be seen and heard. I have taken a ton of pictures for things I have been making and doing and putting them on Facebook, so following  there  is always a safe bet. I am going to start writing some blogs for different things I have made as well. I was taking the pictures with blogs in mind but sitting down to write them is hard, I could be sewing!