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Check out these perfect shorts!

As promised, here is something else I sewed up for Retro Stitch Fabrics

I wanted something really cute that I had never made my sister before for the rest of this fabric. My sister has super eclectic tastes in hobbies and fashion. So this piece is a bit more practical for every day life. 

These shorts are the Maggie Shorts from A Simple Life Pattern company. I loved the look of the suspender type straps for this fabric, screamed halloween fun in Hawaii to me 😁

She has worn these a few times now lol, cause she loves the candy, and the Mickey faces, who cares if its June! Also POCKETS! In case you haven't noticed we really really love our pockets lol. Phones, ID's and all that are great to put in them, and SNACKS, like maybe hiding a piece of halloween candy or two...

She of course needed to rock the bow from the other outfit as well, it goes so great with this fabric! You can see her other outfit HERE in case you missed it the other day πŸ˜‰


Another little piece of my heart ~ #FABsessed

I have always been told I am an older soul, a bit of a 'hippy', 70's child born a few decades to late. As I have gotten a little older, I have learned to be proud of this an embrace it, its more of a compliment than I realized. 

When I saw this Blueberry Slush tie dye fabric from The Fab Clique I really felt a deep need for it. I wasn't sure what to make with it I just new I needed it. Sometimes you just look at something and know given time it will be great. 

I have learned a lot about fabrics over the last 2 years, what to use them for, what types are better for certain projects. One of the best things about the Fab Clique to me is that the website has great info on it to to really help you decide on if its right for your project. In this case I had no idea what I was going to make in the end I just new I needed this one, and that it would make a great top for here in Hawaii. 

I looked around for a pattern that really felt right. I wanted one that would fit the fabr…

Ellie & Mac has done it again!

Ellie & Mac has come out with a new top and you need it! 

There are a few different looks to this top, this is the crop with the short ruffle on it. I love it so much! 

As you may remember I am an Army brat, so I am always all about a good patriotic print and the timing of this test was perfect! I had gotten this cute print from Peek A Boo right before I saw this pattern come up for testing and I knew it was meant to be! It just screams fun, patriotic, summer, and country don't you think?! 

I feel like the pattern design and fabric work so well together. I love the details of both and its just the perfect marriage of the two. I may have made another one because I loved this so much haha. I will share it later in the week, but this one is my favorite so I wanted to share it today on the launch of the pattern. 


George + Ginger brings all the drama!

The drama dress pattern is on sale this month over at George + Ginger! This dress has so many looks and is such a fun pattern because it can be super dressy and sophisticated, or very casual. 

This one my mom is wearing is a bit more fancy, has the tie at the neck, pockets, and the mini length  and is made from DBP. 

This one I made my mom as a mothers day gift. This dress is her favorite. This one is also made form DBP, has pockets and the key hole at the neck. Mini length as well, its become her favorite.

This is a light weight sweater knit, long sleeve with the peter pan style collar. It is such a comfortable dress! It inspired some vouging on my part, channeling some 90's Madonna. 

This has become a very popular dress ordered from me, if you are interested you can message me and I will work up a quote for you, with so many options you can personalize it and really make it a dress you love and want to wear all the time!


It is never to early for Halloween planning

It is always really exciting to me when a company says 'Yes, we would love to send you strikes to sew up' Because it feels like 'Yes! We choose you! We see your talent and style and we want in!' There is always much jumping and excitement when I get those messages. I don't know if fabric and pattern companies really understand the level of excitement being picked gives you, well me at least anyway. 😁

With that said let me present you with my latest creation with fabric from Retro Stitch a company that picked me to sew up some strikes for them for their current Halloween round that is open now. 

The Mickey halloween print is so cute! They have it in this purple color way and and black color way, along with some other really great designs.  As soon as I saw it I knew exactly what pattern it needed to become! This dress is actually a retiring pattern from Ellie & Mac called the Be Spontaneous. The name and the style seemed to fit my sisters personality and this …

The day I became #FABsessed

So I know people often think its a little weird that I say fabric speaks to me, but it does lol. When I saw this beautiful woven Boho chic rayon challis from The Fab Clique it told me it needed to become the Bonnaroo skirt from George + Ginger, and it was right! 

 The whole look and outfit and the pictures on the beach just all popped into my head as soon as I saw it. Its so beautiful and then when I got it, so soft! Its like this amazing lightweight super soft dream that billows when I walk. I mean I am 13 and billowing when you walk is probably the coolest thing ever! My mom laughed cause I said it made me think of Professor Snape from Harry Potter, how his cape billows. 🀷

So here is my vision come to life. The beautiful beach, the shirt knotted, sun hat and my new favorite skirt. I love creating different looks, and making things that fit different parts of who we are, cause we are all like onions, LAYERS! This is my boho soaking up the sun while lost in deep thought on the beach…

NEW Ruth swim bottoms, all the ruffles!

Recently my little sister out grew one of her last store bought and favorite swim suit, it was her favorite because of all the ruffles. So when I saw a test of this swim bottom I new I had to sign up and make her a pair! 

The Ruth Swim bottoms have launched over at 5 out of 4 Patterns! They are packed with style and options. Because of the launch they are also on sale if you want to purchase the pattern 😁

 This style is the low rise with flounce. Other options include; -3 rise heights: bikini (1″ below navel), high rise (right at navel), and high waisted (retro look 1″ above navel). -Mid-rise legs -Waist and legs can be finished with elastic or binding -Optional waist flounce, waist peplum, or front ties (front ties are on high rise and high waist options) -Girls’ sizes 0-3m through 14.

These bottoms were swim tested to to make sure they don't bunch, shift or otherwise create discomfort. She loved the fit, and the ruffle. The swim top I used here is from a different company and modif…

Ratatouille anyone?

This amazing inspired round is still going on over at Elephant House Fabrics. I got to sew up some of the Ratatouille inspired fabric, I am for sure gonna order some of the Mickey and Minnie for a dress for my little sister. She out grew on of her favorites. 

This is a mini soho bag that I made with the Ratatouille fabric on the outside and a vegetable fabric on the inside. I thought they looked so cute together and seemed to go from whats in the dish 😁

This is one of my favorite style of bags! Its not super big but large enough to carry everything you need with some space. You can get this one HERE

Next I did a little shopping with this reusable shopping bag I made with the adorable print for the dinner and dessert my brother made us. I will be listing reusable shopping bags up on my site here in the very near future. I have been perfecting my size and construction. Here in Hawaii, and I know other places now too, they charge you for bags and recycling is HUGE here. I have learne…

Stars & Stripes Twirl Dresses - Totally worth it!

I made this dress for my sister a year and a half ago. It was one of the first things I ever made. Once I made it I knew I could make anything! 

Above is her 1.5 years ago below is her in the same dress today. One of the best things about this dress is the way its made it will last for YEARS! 

The other really great thing about this dress is that the way its constructed you can take the bodice off once its out grown and make it in to a twirl skirt and make the life of it last even longer! Which is why I say its totally worth it! 

Left is a year and a half ago right is current. You can tell she's grown, but it still fits great and isn't to needing leggings under it yet, so at least another year or two. 

I do have several sizes of this dress ready to ship on my website if you do not see the size you need or want it in a different style shoot me a message and I can work with you on making one especially for you. If you have not seen the epic twirl this dress has please check out…