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Dr. Seuss Reading is my thing Pillow

How could I not make a reading pillow with this fabric?! It kept telling me to make sure I had enough to make one. 

I of course added some embroidery to it, but a bit more general because everyone in the house already has a reading pillow and I wanted it to have resale value. I did the lettering myself, the 2 Dr. Seuss themed ones were from appliqués with character. They happen to have a huge sale going on right now if you are into embroidery or appliqué. 

I really like the style of these. How its kinda sketchy, I might have downloaded a few files in this style lol. 

This reading pillow is perfect right? The colors compliment each other so well, it would be so cute in a classroom or little ones reading corner! 

I am so glad I had enough of this fabric from Fabriculous to make this pillow, while I made it with the intent to sell it... I am not sure I can part with it! I could always have two I do have a lot of books lol 

Cat in the Hat

I love this round over at Fabriculous so much. Dr. Seuss books are mazing, and I used to read them to my brother when he was a baby. The Cat in the Hat was his favorite. I thought embroidering him on his shirt would be perfect. 

I made him the raglan from Patterns for Pirates, just like Kaylee's, it is a great pattern, fast sew and perfect for panels or in this case a solid to embroider. 

Oh the Places You Will Go - Side Hustle Travel Bag

This is the side hustle bag pattern is from the Bag of the Month Club, my first time ever making a bag like this, its a lot of work, but the end result is so worth it! 

The side hustle features a large front slip pocket that was perfect for this bag rapport, adjustable and removable shoulder strap. 

The back has a large wide strap for fitting over a luggage handle. It also has to tote style matching handles.

The inside has a zipper pocket and a laptop pocket. This really is the ultimate travel bag, also perfect for teachers, for grade books, papers and laptops you might need for work. 

This could be be made in so many different colors, and styles this is just the rapport I got from the current round over at Fabriculous and I thought it would make a great bag for a teacher and just in time for read across America coming up.  

Lorax, Cat in the Hat - Sunshine Wristlet

Once-ler "I didn't think anyone still cared." Ted "Well that's me: The guy who still cares" This is my sister, the one that still cares, always, deeply. 

One of the things my sister loves to do is go for walks with my mom, when they go out she picks up flowers off the ground, she always take a bag with her to collect them, and share them with other houses. just because the flowers have fallen doesn't make them less beautiful. 

I embroidered the same design from her shirt onto her bag, it shows up better on her bag I think but she loves them both. 

I used more scraps of the pink color way along with the faux denim round to complete her bag and have it match her shirt completely. 

She has requested a mini swagger with the Lorax panel though, she's pretty excited about that one.

"No one can sing who has smog in his throat." - Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

'...and I want to sing!" - Kaylee

The Lorax is my sisters favorite, it speaks to her on a deep level. She is forever saying that the plants,  ocean, and animals are her babies. She takes it very seriously and find no humor in the idea of someone harming any of them. Our dad isn't even allowed to skip rocks unless she asks them first 🙂

I embroidered the Lorax and some Truffula trees on the front of her top, she was so excited to see them. 

I took the pink color way for this current round over at Fabriculous custom Fabric and paired it with her pink faux denim. They compliment each other so well! I used them to make this raglan from Patterns for Pirates

I made her some matching socks with the scraps from my fat half, the new no shows from The Wolf & the Tree, I made her the regular, she likes them more slipper style, the joys of island living wearing normal socks feels weird. 

 These are some of the other options from this round that my sister Kaylee highly recommends…

Reading is really my thing, next to sewing of course :)

This panel is just perfect for me while sewing is a passion, reading is my a favorite hobby. It is the greatest gift, you can escape into a different world and time. 

Dr. Seuss was my first books, green eggs and ham is my favorite one, do you have a favorite of his? I used to read mine to by little brother when he was a baby. 

This great Dr. Seuss is up for preorder over at Fabriculous starting today, but for a limited time! 

I decided to show off my cool panel and some of the coordinate with the George + Ginger Starc. It is a fun sew, a bit casual and a bit grown up at the same time. 

The detail on the pattern for this top, and the details on this fabric compliment each other really well don't you think? 

Cat in the Hat Ornaments

I got some strikes from Fabriculous Custom Fabrics, after making some really amazing things I will show you over the next week when the round opens I decided to use my scraps to try out making ornaments on my embroidery machine. 

I think they turned out really well. They are currently hanging on our tree, I will probably make some for next year, I plan to work on perfecting my skills over the year :) I have bags of fun fandom scraps I have been saving that will be made into so many cute little things. 

This round will be opening up on the 26th, but I wanted to show off my ornaments before the tree comes down lol. 

Preppy Book Club Sweater is here!

The new book club sweater was just released from Ellie & Mac, I love the personality this shirt has. 

I am a big Spiderman fan, I loved that this shirt gave me the ability to have a more subtle nod to one of my favorite fandoms. I have had this spider fabric in my stash for a while now. I got a great deal on it during a clearance event over at Hushabye Fabric

 So many possibilities for combinations with this one, I am thinking ice blue and snowflakes for winter, or cabe knit looking sweater knit, pastels or florals for spring. What combinations would like you to see?