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House Dragon Scales ~ Elephant House you never disappoint!

Elephant House Fabrics as taken it next level with these scales. The colors are rich and jewel tones, there are some with a little bit of sparkle and some that give the illusion of dimension. You almost expect them to be textured. 

I used some of their gold sequins that were in retail to complete my look here, I think they look so good together. 

 These scales also screamed to become the Mix It Up Dress from the famous George and Ginger. The sequins I made the Heat Wave Hot Pants also from G+G. 

These re the other color ways of the scales and a floral they are running as well. Which is your favorite? I love the blue I got but I think the black is my second favorite option. 

So while out taking pictures, I found a tree that kinda looked like a thrown and I climbed it of course, cause how could I not and then I felt inspired ad had a little fun with it. I think it works. 


Do all things with kindness ~ Made by MacDuckie

This round I sewed up for Made by MacDuckie honestly might be the most beautiful water color floral I have ever seen. The colors are so vibrant and they really pop off of the blue water color back ground. The pink brush stripe is the perfect coordinate with it too. 

As soon as I saw this panel I knew it had to be something for my sister. This is a motto she lives by with out even realizing it. 

A few more shots to show off the beautiful colors and how well they compliment each other. 

I do have some things up on my site with this fabric for PREORDER,  or if you love it and want something else made with it just shoot me a message and I can get it made for you. 


Feeling some 70's vibe ~ peace, love, and hot pants

I given the opportunity to sew some strikes for Momsters Fabrics. The denim patches are from them, and they are amazing. I feel like I need to get some extra to make all the purses!  

The top fabric is actually from the Firefly round that The Fabric Geeks ran last summer, we are huge fans so have been hoarding it a bit, but it seemed the perfect accent for this look! 
This is the soho bag, you can actually order it here

More detail shots of this beautiful bag, and details on this fabric. I love the details so much, looks like perfect denim. 

This outfit made me want to get out my cruiser and go for a ride it all just felt so right together although my mom said I was missing the basket and banana seat. 

I wish you peace, love and hot pants my friends! These hot pants are from George + Ginger and the top is the Oasis Swim by Ellie & Mac but I made it into a top because I LOVE it! 


Summer Time = Wrap Tops!

When I saw this beautiful floral I knew it  had to be made in to a wrap style crop top for me. It is such a great summer floral print, and being in Hawaii its always summer 😁
This top was made from a hacking a pattern a bit, but then the company came out with it as its own pattern and added a peplum skirt to it for those not in to crop tops and I am so excited to be offering it in my shop. Right now it is listed with this preorder fabric from Made by MacDuckie, however you can message me if you are interested in the top but want different fabric options. 

Seriously though, how beautiful is this fabric? If you love the fabric but want it made into something else please message me for that as well, I am happy to let you know what styles and options there are. 

The new pattern for those that sew and are looking is from Ellie and Mac and is the Miami wrap. 


Summer Heidi Bags!

This fabric is so gorgeous, the colors are so vibrant and it just screams summer. It is open for preorder until May 26th. If you would like to order this style of bag, or one of the many other styles I offer let me know and I can get a preorder set up for you. 

You can order this over on my website here. The Heidi is one of my favorite styles, its a fun and flirty style bag, perfect for carry all the essentials. 

If you love the fabric as much as I do but want it made in to something sets let me know and I will work with you on it. 


Football and Harry Potter...

What more could a girl ask for?!  

So these glitter stripes from Lily Rose Market are intended to be Hufflepuff stripes, however I am not sure how any self respecting Steelers fan could look at them and not smile! 
So I brought together two of my favorites and made a Stella. Now I am ready for both an afternoon watching football, or curled up in a chair with my favorite book. 

The glitter print is so perfect because it gives the look and feel of some glam and sparkle with out having to deal with real glitter ending up EVERYWHERE. We all know that glitter is terrible once in the house, it will never leave. 

I wore this on NFL draft day, here we come number 7! 


Harry Potter Owl - George + Ginger Rival Dress

George + Ginger is currently testing out fan page tester calls! Which is a super cool way to update the size ranges for existing patterns, great way to to try out testing if you never have before too. This is there fan page on FACEBOOK

The timing for the Rival Dress  tester call was perfect cause I had some strikes to sew up for Lily Rose Market . These Harry Potter owls are my jam! I love the sketchy look of them, like they were hand drawn on it. They do have them in house colors as well but this color way was my favorite. 

I absolutely love this dress! The pattern is actually on sale today still as well, less than $7! The pockets that you can blend in with the sides or have them stand out and the cut is so flattering. 

The way the sides are cut on the dress, really makes it a figure flattering silhouette for all body types.  highlights curves subtly. 

It is hugging of the curves with out being overly clingy, making it a great go to for something comfortable yet stylish. Such a rare…

5 Out of 4 new swim!

If you remember I made this great swim top a month or so ago from 5 out of 4 Patterns, they just came out with a new bottom that is a high rise!

So I of course made it in the same fabric as my tank so I could have a me made matching swim suit.

These are a high rise and full coverage bottoms, they are really comfortable, they do have a tie option for the front that is a super cute extra detail, but not functional in terms of adjusting the size, there is also a flounce option as well. They are a very flattering cut.

I wanted to do something a little more daring with these photos, not just the standard beach shots, or ya know standing in front of a brick wall, something a little more me, and different. 
So with the help of my dad, because while I want to be daring I am still and but of a chicken, I climbed up on a rock in the ocean!

I braved some waves that felt even bigger than they looked, made myself some memories, and conquered some fears. The ocean is a beautiful, powerful and sca…

May the 4th be with you!

I love Star Wars! I mean how could you not, I think you can tell a lot about a person from which episode is there favorite. A New Hope is mine. Original trilogy will always be the best, right?!

I made myself this awesome Starc Top. It is from George + Ginger. So many great styles from them. I LOVE the details on this top, little extra flash. 

This fabric is from LMB Fabrics, I had enough after my top to make a cute bag as well! I love making every scrap count. 

This is the Heidi from Swoon Pattern Company. It is a fold over clutch with a wristlet strap. It has one main pocket and a back zipper pocket as well, along with a magnetic closure for when its folded over. 

This Heidi is a one of a kind and if you are interested can be purchased Here.

I also made a couple of cute little wallets in two different Star Wars designs. They can be purchased Here

There are two bandana bibs up for grabs! How cute are these?! 

So I have some more great Star Wars fabric on the way and it should hopeful…