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New Fabric!

Hello! Im back I just got some new fabric courtesy of Fabric Depot! You should definitely check them out, they have some super cool fabric! So I'm guessing you might want to see some pictures right? Well here ya go! Note: All these first couple of fabrics are made out of cotton Robots V.S. Dinosaurs University of Michigan and Michigan State sparkle fabric. Nightmare Before Christmas! 😍 Glam Girl! Makeup👄 and Purses👜!   Mermaid Scales! Rainbows Chocolate   dinosaurs   Ducks and Bubbles   smiling frogs    Firetrucks on sky blue and on black   Marvel! Dinosaur skeletons   Steelers Fleece Mermaid Fleece Note:All the next fabrics are minky fabric or soft fabric. That is all minky fabric.   that is just softer fabric.   Unicorn soft fabric   Mermaid/Narwhal soft fabric   Rescue

Different Kind Of Fabrics

So the first fabrics are Firefly fabrics all made out of cotton. Thats a picture of all of them put together in one picture, now let me show a a picture of each piece of fabric close up. All of the main Firefly characters are on that piece of fabric. That is all of the Firefly tv show weaponry. Kaylee in the pink ruffled dress and her mechanic uniform with and without the parasol and strawberries. And the collection wouldn't be complete without the iconic Jayne Hat.  The next line of fabric is all my canvas fabric, which is a harder or more stiff fabric. That is the peace sign canvas. That is my patriotic red, white and blue canvas material. That is my flowery canvas. This like a canvas material but it feels kinda softer, if that makes sense.*laughs* So, how ya been? Im sure you've been terrific! And guess what, so have I! I'm honestly amazing. I'm living out my dreams at a young age, cause who says your too