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Sister Bonding #FABsessed

It is a rare occasion when my sister and I get to match and in something I am excited to wear lol. I think these outfits and this photoshoot was both of our favorites.  I had a certain look in mind and let me tell you it is hard to find an existing pattern for petal pushers, so I had so hack and mash things to make both us us denim petal pushers. This fabric is all from  The Fab Clique  the denim was a dream to work with! I was a little nervous, I have never made pants with no real stretch before, but they turned out amazing!  I really wanted a dolman style crop for both of us, I did make my sisters a little longer so she can wear it longer. I did heres 2 sided as well so she can choose which side to wear on the front. This is the grey and white skulls and hearts also from the  The Fab Clique . I want to describe this cotton lycra but I am not sure how to adequately explain how soft it is. You have to try it! and maybe you will become #FABsessed as well  We

Adult Jupiter Joggers & Nightmare Before Christmas, what could be better?!

I tested the kids version of these joggers and ever since my mom has been wanting a pair! When I saw she was testing an adult version . I knew I needed to sign up to make her some!  They were perfect for the strikes of Nightmare Before Christmas from  LMB Fabrics , in case you didn't know my mom and dad are NBC fanatics lol.  I made her a matching bag and shoes! The shoes are also from the same company as the joggers. These shoes are the Mary Jane style , they have several others as well.  The shoes of course have the tough tech waterproof traction on the bottoms so she will get a lot of use out of them.  These are the shorts version of the joggers vs the longer pants version. They have a large pocket that is optional but my mom does a lot of walking and really wanted a pocket for her phone. The bag is the reversible Laney Hobo from  Swoon Sewing Patterns . One side is all grey cupcakes, the other side I did the panel, with purple and oran

Dancing Sally and her little Jack

I love this print so much! It is hard not to smile when you look at it.  This Stella was made with just a panel for the from and sleeves. The back I did with a stretch lace. I though it complimented the pattern and the panel well.  This panel is part of a round of custom fabric that is open over at  LMB Fabrics  until the 26th. There are some other really great prints. I have been showing them off on my Facebook page and my instagram so be sure to check out both if you are interested in me making you something with these fabrics, and check out her website if you are looking to order the fabric direct. EMAIL       WEBSITE         FACEBOOK       INSTAGRAM           

Fabriculous Dragon Training

How to Train Your Dragon fabric is up for preorder over at  Fabriculous ! I made my little brother a mini dragon to train 💜 This adorable little dragon is the first thing I have ever really sewn by hand and its was so very different than with my machine. I made a little grumpy car for my grandfather once, but it was so different than this. The pattern has movement, and makes for a great gift, I am going to make a couple for my nephews birthday with the dragon scales. 💜 I love the scales so much, there is so much detail! This is the  Hudson Tank , new favorite! He loves it so much. The pockets and details are amazing!  These shorts from  Ellie & Mac  accented the fabric and the tank so perfectly. It is so rare I get to make him an outfit he doesn't want to take off! He loves training his dragons and taking them into battles to save his kingdom  EMAIL       WEBSITE       FACEBOOK       INSTAGRAM       TWITTER

Fabriculous Bobby!

My sister affectionately calls Bob Ross Bobby, cause they are buddies. They have a connection and understanding.  This amazing Bob Ross fabric is up for preorder over at  Fabriculous Custom Fabrics . She has a Christmas themed pattern too! I CAN NOT WAIT!  This bag is a reversible Boho. The inside is actually the other fabric she is running right now, How to train your dragon. Could be done in a solid color as well. 😁 This dress I made for her birthday last year. It is one of her favorites, she wears it weekly and still loves it, and as you can see the colors are still bright and vibrant.  If you are interested in the dress, bag or anything else from this amazing fabric just message me and I will be happy to hook you up with something amazing!  EMAIL       WEBSITE       FACEBOOK       INSTAGRAM       TWITTER      

Much like the floral name sake, the Daisy is beautiful and cheerful

My little sister Kaylee has big dreams for her future, she's going to be a singer, solider, race car driver, model. She plans to be very busy! She loves helping me pick the style and fabric for the things I make her. Often when I am testing something she is somewhat limited by what I am assigned, this time it was wide open and I think she made great choices! The Daisy from Bella Sunshine Designs  is a hi-low top, or dress, or maxi, it has a straight hem option, along with the ruffle seen here and 3 necklines! She choose a sweetheart neckline with the hi-low and of course a ruffle. She was really excited about the tie on the back.  The tie back is an actual tie, but there is also elastic along the back to help the top/dress hold shape and fit properly. The sweetheart neckline is just a bit of flare too, the other options include straight and scoop. This pattern was perfectly named the Daisy, it is youthful, innocent, cheerful and just makes you smile!  Thi