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Royal Pixie and the Thirst Project

If you follow my Facebook, or Instagram you know I am a HUGE decedents fan. Really a big fan of both Dove and Cameron, I have watched both on Disney for what seem like ever. Well with Cameron it has been, I started watching him on Jessie when I was 6, he was my first real celebrity crush. His passing before the last movie came out made its premier so emotional! Really watching him on anything still kind of is. 

Anyway Royal Pixie Custom Fabric has this great design they have been working on and added to their current preorder, they originally had a tossed coordinate with the characters and the rotten to the core apple, they have added a panel where a portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Thirst Project, an organization that was near and dear to Cameron's heart. I am really excited about this fabric, especially with the donation because I think the cause is incredible, I am including a little bit from their website below. 

A brief about The project from their website-

Royal Pixie Speedwell

The Blue Calla - Speedwell is such a cool little bag. I made one for myself a few weeks ago, so when I got this frozen inspired coordinate from Royal Pixie I knew Kaylee needed one too! 

There are so many details and pockets on this bag, for such a small day pack. I have cut a bunch out and have them ready to go when I get back from my vacation. I think these little bags are perfect gifts, Kaylee agrees lol. 

(In case you are interested the top is the below zero from George + Ginger and the fabric is this amazing super soft sherpa lined french terry from The Fab Clique it was clearance and my mom got it former self so of course here is my sister wearing it lol)


Samantha is here! Amazing in dusty rose waffle knit

Tested a great pattern from Simple Life Pattern Company, the Samantha launched today!

Samantha comes as a tunic, mini dress, and dress, has sleeveless, short, elbow, and long sleeve options as well!  I made this with my trip to Michigan in mind. So this is the tunic length, with elbow sleeves. (I may have made another I will share in a few days too)

This gorgeous black/ivory stripe on dusty rose waffle knit is from The Fab Clique, it is so soft! and the perfect weight, great for layering pieces or as a stand alone for the ever changing weather.  As someone who has gotten used to 80's/90's pretty much year round the high 60's of Michigan this week are well COLD! 


Happy Trees, Tulip shorts, Banana Pudding and Painting... I promise it all makes sense!

My sister is a HUGE Bob Ross fan. One day we were all hanging out and my mom mentioned him in passing, I had no idea who he was she pulled him up on Netflix. Kaylee became obsessed! They have a lot of similar personality traits in terms of finding beauty in things, simple pleasures, love of painting, animals, and just being super chill. 

Bob Ross is actually how we found Fabriculous Custom Fabrics. We were hunting for something special for her. Mandi has run it a few times now, including a recent holiday run which I am super excited to get in because of the plans we have for it! 

But back on point, when Bella Sunshine Designs said they were going to do a little update on the Tess Tulip shorts I knew she needed a whole new Bobby outfit, yes she calls him Bobby, I just roll with it cause while super chill she takes Bob and painting pretty serious. 

So here they are! Her brand new Bobby Tess Tulip shorts! (These are currently on sale right now in girls and women)

What is a new pair of s…

ROAR into Dino happiness with Royal Pixie

My brother LOVES dinosaurs. He was so excited to be getting something from this current round over at Royal Pixie. They have a few dino panels and a couple background options, along with lots of other goodies, but this is what he was most excited about. So excited he had to do some roaring and show me his favorite T-Rex pose.

I knew the Lil' Buckaroo was what this needed to become for him. He loves the way this shirt fits, and I made him some matching shorts from Ellie & Mac. I even had enough scraps to make him matching underwear, and if you have been reading these for a while you know he's always so sad when I don't have enough to make him matching underwear. 

If you look close you will see I used dino snaps too, because really even for boys the details are so important. Often I think  people over look the details on things for boys because there are so many pretty options for girls, it makes boys stuff less fun to make for some. Dean loves having me make him things…

Lil Buckaroo and Coffee too

My brother Dean is always so excited when he gets to be a part of the photo shoots and test out new patterns and fabrics with me, which in turn always makes me really excited when I get Fabric or find patterns that he will enjoy. 

That is what happened with this pattern, the Lil' Buckaroo from Little Ragamuffin. Comes with a couple different looks, one being a little more western than this one. I love it so much I got the mens one too for my Daddy. 


All you have to do is call my name.... #FABsessed

Today I turn 14! When I was a baby my mom used to sing Carole Kings 'Where You Lead' to me, to get me to sleep, or just calm down. For a long time I didn't know it came from the show Gilmore Girls, as I have gotten older, that show and aspects from it have become kinda our thing. 

I knew I needed something special for my birthday, I decided to go with something I think both Carole King,  Lorelai Gilmore, and my mom would wear. I saw this amazing camo burn out fabric from The Fab Clique and knew it needed to become a Janis from George & Ginger

I love the details on the sleeve of this top, and that its functional, you can adjust how long you want the sleeves to be with the ties. Also with the burn out fabric, it offers this great look, the ability to have the sleeves, but not to much added warmth, cause its already 95 here today I do not need added warmth! 

The colors are rich, and quality is on point, so often burn out fabric is almost too thin, this is a super soft …

Rise & Shine... or Caffeinate & Hope, that is the question

My mom saw this panel and really wanted it for herself, how could I say no. I made her a shirt from Duckbutt designs. It is a bit different, it has one pocket off to the side, where the coffee grounds are is one huge pocket! 

 The panel matched my brothers shirt really well. More neutral and natural colors vs the pink. In the first picture here he asked if they could make mad faces... the next well they are just being goofy lol.

 This is one of my favorite panels from the current round over at Fabriculous. This whole round is amazing if you are a coffee lover though, lots of options that are not Starbucks related, though lots of those options as well. I think my personal favorite of all the options though is still those coffee beans. They just pull me in 🤷 She did add a green ice color way as well, that is Slytherin green that I need to get some of as well. I am fabric weak!  


One Cake pop at a time

Our local Starbucks did not have cake pops! However not to miss out on a treat my sister mentioned the grocery store had some. We had to get several flavors to try out of course. 

 This is my sister in the Mini swagger now over at Goober Pea adult version still available from the orginal George and Ginger. I have made her so many of these, there is something about them that just makes her extra sassy and with this print it worked perfectly! 

She is totally judging me on how much of the fabric I want to order for myself from Fabriculous. I can not help it though, the designs are too perfect! I even got to make something for my mom! I will share more pictures of hers tomorrow. Don't miss out on this round though, if you are interested in ordering something make sure you let me know by September 13th, so I can get it in on my finalized order, I have lots of options up on my website or I can custom design something for you.