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H2O 2 Go Bags!

This is the H2O 2 Go bag, it holds a water bottle, travel mug, or even a bottle of wine... (my mom checked 🤷) in the main body of the bag, the front zipper pocket has card slots to be used as a purse/wallet concept.  The first one shown here I made for my Grandma for her birthday, she ordered a purse last year with the black and purple dandelions so I went with he same fabric for this. She and my grandfather go on a lot of walks so I thought this would be great to carry water, maybe some snacks and car keys, phone with out loading down your pockets or hands with stuff. This second one is for my other grandmother and was personalized with an Army mom graphic, I can't remember a time I have seen her with out a cup or bottle with water or sweet tea.  This 3rd and 4th ones are actually the first ones I ever made, and were  Christmas gifts... can you tell I really love this bag? It is versatile, lightweight, and functional.  The first two I shared were more of a patriotic theme, the la

Field Journal like daddy.

  You know you are a military child when you see a little book cover and your first thought is oh I could make a field journal that would look like dads.  I can't think of a time when I've seen my dad in uniform and he didn't have a little notebook of some kind, a field journal. I knew my brother for sure needed one! I made his with camo Star Wars fabric. He was so excited to have a little book too.  This is a little notebook cover and comes with a 3.5x4.4.5" notebook and a 4" pen. There is an elastic strap that wraps around the cover to keep it all secure. These are made with vinyl with fabric stitched on as well.  These could be personalized if you wanted to custom order one, I do have several pre made up on my site already (pre made ones can not be personalized) I just loved these cute little notebooks! I am forever making notes of things as they pop into my head for designs, school work, life in general. I hope you love them as much as I do.

Month of the Military Child GIVEAWAY!!!

This month I decided to create a little gift collection of sorts that you can win by sharing the pinned giveaway post on my Facebook page and commenting on it. Super easy to enter, but a great package I think. I am going to go into a bit more detail below with each of the 4 items in the package. This is the bear, you will be able to choose from the fabric swatches below which you would like it made out of. No two bears will be exactly alike because of the fabric that is being used, some from actual uniforms, and some that is just printed, because of the design there will be some differences. (These bears are listed on the website for sale as well if you wanted to order others) Next we have a super soft toddler/lap size blanket, you can choose either purple, blue, or black. The saying is the same on all 3, 'I am resilient, I am resolute, I am relentless, I am a Military Child', all of them are the same color on the back with tossed dandelions, the official flower of the Militar