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There is a contest going on with the USO for the unit our dad is deployed with. It asked you an answer a question 'what is is like having a deployed parent' and my little sister Kaylee answered in the form of a painting. You were able to choose what ever medium you wanted. 

Her painting in her words; I'm really sad when dads gone so these are things I do when I'm sad, I paint, the middle shows me outside playing, the top right is me cuddling with stuffed animals, the bottom right is me face timing with my dad, the bottom left is me dancing, and the tops right is thinking about when we will be together again all how happy we will be. 

She worked really hard on her idea and sketched it out first and thought about all the things she does that make her feel better while he's gone. 

She is looking forward to having dad home in a few months again and being on the the next adventure.

So for the Military families out there, what's it like for you? I will share my brothers in the next couple days as well.  


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