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Sparkly Opportunities

I was given this amazing opportunity this past week, to guest seamstress for one of my favorite fabric groups. Mandi from  Fabriculous  took a chance and helped build my dream. She sent me some of the most amazing and perfectly themed fabric. Sewing! Its so pretty and I am in love with boarder prints now! I made my sister and I matching tops out of it. My top is called the date night and is by RAD Patterns, it has several other options as well. I will be listing it for orders on my website soon.   My sisters dress is the Bubblegum from  Candy Castle Patterns  This will as well be something I am offering this coming year for order. The head bands are a bit of my own creation, and just because head wraps are amazing! This memory bear is one of my favorite things, I will be doing a separate post for most of these items as they are listed on my website as well. This is a great item to be made out of your favorite fandom fabrics, or clothing from a loved one. They are