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My love affair with Candy Castle

I have been thinking about what really set me on this path with confidence and conviction; The Peppermint Swirl. My mom saw this dress and really wanted it for my sister, the pattern was purchased in January and there it sat until march with me avoiding it. I admit I was intimidated. It looked so complicated! 

The above picture is the one she finally talked me into making, if you are not familiar with this dress you will not realize I completely screwed it up, it is supposed to have a swirl not ruffle look. Using my moms Facebook at the time I nervously posted in in Candy Castles group, the response was not what I expected. 

People LOVED it, they wanted to know how I did it... What?! This mistake started a crazy trend for a hot minute. Something else happened too though, while I had cut it wrong, I made it! I made a really cool dress that Kaylee loved and total strangers were trying to copy! ME! Alyssa Cotter at 12 did that! 

 I kept making them and they got better and better each ti…

Romping in my new Ellie & Mac Romper!

I know rompers are not everyones favorite, my mom hates them 🤣 however, I LOVE them! It's a complete outfit! You literally grab one thing and your outfit is planned, I how can you not love this?!

The newest romper from Ellie & Mac is on point trendy. It features optional slant side pockets, three sleeve lengths, and shorts, capri, full-length, and tall pants options!  The perfect romper for all seasons! This pattern comes in sizes XXS - 5XL!

The version I made for my self in the short sleeve, elastic waist with shorts, because Hawaii 🤷

I chose this fabric, cause one it makes my eyes pop, and its a bit fancy and pretty. I LOVE Fabriculous Fabrics ice, she has it in so many colors, I think its just so sparkly and gorgeous. 

If you are interested in having a custom off the shoulder romper made for you, shoot me a message and I can make your romper dreams come true lol. 


Ready to be Merry AF?! I am

Have I said before 'this is my favorite make!'? Probably a few times, I think because I keep learning new things and getting more comfortable with my skills to step outside of the pattern my favorites keep changing lol

 This is one of my recent makes, and you guessed it, its my new favorite! I got this super soft french terry fabric from Elephant House. I was so excited when I saw they were running this because I feel like this is so relatable lol. Lets be honest, holidays are fun, and stressful, and as a teen I spend half of it being told to smile. This is the perfect holiday shirt! I might wear it year round 😉

I did start with a pattern from Ellie & Mac then I took the sleeve and tossed it out and did my own thing. I wanted something a little different and eye catching, you know to distract grandparents from the front of my shirt 🤷

I had a lot of fun doing these pictures, let me set the scene for you. Its a HOT August day in Hawaii, the hottest month, with no trade wi…

Handmade gifts really are the best!

My sister had a birthday party to go to last weekend, she really wanted to make her little bestie something so we went and picked out fabric in her favorite color and got to work. 

She picked out her favorite pattern that I have, helped trace, cut and clip it all together. She loves to help me make things and this one was extra special.

She was very excited to get to sew it all together and wrap it up for her little friends 7th birthday. I think she really liked the gift, and there is nothing like making something for someone special. 

It turned out really well, and VERY pink 🤣

The Cherry Bomb is on sale!

I was really excited when I saw a tester call for the Cherry Bomb top/dress from Little Ragamuffin. If you sew, this pattern is on sale until the 19th!  So far I have only made the crop and Shirt length but the dress is on my list next. 

 It was the perfect top for my first day of 9th grade. Homeschooling has the best dress code! I made my self the crop as well, I am going to work on some really cute overalls to wear with it next!

 I love how fitted this is while still being really comfortable and allowing you to move and breathe with out feeling constrictive. That is a rare combo.

I have had these books in my fabric stash for so long! Almost a year, I have been waiting for the perfect pattern for them. This pattern spoke to me, I feel like this would make such a good base for a belle dress too... Books make me think of Belle. 🤷

This fabric is quotes from the breakfast club, yes I have totally seen it! The best part I think is the dancing in the library. I have watched it a few time…

Making some S'mores ~ Momsters Fabric

When I saw this s'mores fabric was coming I was so excited! One of the things I have really missed having braces is s'mores! My siblings have asked for them several times but my parents remind them that I love them too and not being able to eat them leaves me out of the fun. So when I saw this fabric I knew I needed it for them and for them to do s'mores pictures! 

I made my sister a modified crop top from Ellie & Mac with these cute coordinating shorts from Bella Sunshine. I loved how they complimented the fabric form Momsters

I made my brother his favorite tank style from Peek-a-boo. There are so many options for it, but this is just a straight plain tank, no hood or pockets. 
They had so much fun making s'mores like on their outfits and of course eating them, cause honestly that is the best part right? 

There are several other cute design up for grabs in this round over at Momsters, she has some cute coordinates, lightening bugs (fireflies, which do you call …

Epic Harry Potter themed Ugly Sweater Bliss

Retro Stitch sent me this amazing panel to create something for the current round they have open (closes on the 15th) How I sew strikes is while its on its way to me I come up with a plan to 3 and then it gets here and I come up with another plan, and then while its washing another plan and by the time its dried I typically have settled on what it will become. 🤣

 With each round I strike for I try to grow and come up with new ideas, new things to try, and push myself a little bit further. Work on my skill set with my sewing, pattern design, photography style. Always growing! I don't ever want some one to look at me and think 'oh that kid, so its gonna be a basic tee or simple dress.' I want people to see a little bit of my style and personality in everything I make. With strikes often this is the showcase for the fabric, its moment to shine and turn peoples heads to get them to purchase. I want my pieces to make people stop scrolling. 

 With that scroll stopping in mind I…