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NEW Collins from Ellie & Mac ~ Picnic Perfect

A few weeks ago I was selected to test the newly released Collins Top and Dress. I was super excited to be picked to test it and it came out perfect! My vision for this top was picnic ready and I think I achieved that.  

 This one has a denim top and classic gingham skirt. I really wanted a picnic feel, and nothing say that more than red gingham to me. 

It is a super comfortable top and dress. Goes from sizes 3 months to 16! I know I am going to have to make my sister one too. If you are interested in ordering one please message me and I will get you taken care of.


Candy Castle and the epic Soda Pop Polo

This polo was one of the first styles I made. It has quickly become my go to shirts for my brother because its such a great pattern, can add a hood, not have a collar, pockets, the options for making him limitless styles. 

This particular one I adapted the placket for the buttons to be shorter because of the panel. 

The fit is relaxed, its not a super fitted polo, and I always have to add some length to his shirts because he's so tall and thin. One of the best things about making clothing for people is making it that perfect custom fit that as soon as they put it on they have to smile cause they know its on point. 

Candy Castle Patterns is one of my favorite pattern companies, I have almost all of her patterns because they are so easy to follow, her group is super supportive if you have questions, and when you read them you feel like you are sitting there with a sewing buddy, which who wouldn't love that?


Being a Military Child

Not everyone understands what being a Military kid is like. It is amazing and sad at the same time. I have lived in several states, been on more flights than I can count and gotten to see places people dream of vacationing. I have also had to say good bye to so many people, the adventure never ends. 

All of this is why the round that Mandi over at Fabriculous made a reality is so important to me. I came to her with an idea for a small off shoot, a panel and something to go with it and she made it into a 3 color way, 2 panel option, blanket topper, mind blowing round! It is something featured on her business page, something I am seeing people rallying around and finding as beautiful as I do. Its truly a humbling and incredible feeling. 

Not everyone understood the main color choices, which were requested by me, and she did add another color way for those not feeling the purple but I wanted to take a quick moment and explain why purple. Purple wasn't chosen lightly and if you know …

The Jawbreaker is exactly that!

This dress... what else is there to saw other than jawbreaker! 

The Jawbreaker Pattern from George + Ginger has several options, shown here is the sleeveless fitted shirt. Which is super flattering and really showed off the Harry Potter fabric I got from KNITorious for my birthday this past year. I have been hoarding it waiting for the perfect pattern. 

The pattern includes long, 3/4, short and sleeveless, along with the fitted skirt you can go with peplum, mini, and dress length. Making this a staple pattern. 


The Original Swagger & Mini

George + Ginger made this amazing Swagger Pattern. Originally she made it in children sizing as well, the sort away from kids patterns and sold it to Gooberpea which is where you can get the mini pattern now. 

This design is so different, while it has a bit of a basic look to the top, the flouncy back pieces that wrap around the front really set it apart from the rest. 

The mini version is just as adorable as the adult. Both versions offer short, 3/4, long and sleeveless options. The children version also offers a hooded option as well. 

This particular one for my sister I also added a kangaroo pocket, because pockets are life and she loves when her hands can touch, as you can see here when she realized it had one. 

The childrens offers the same great wrap around flouncy the adult does. Which really depending on fabric can add an extra level of fancy to the top. this fabric is from the Hero's round over at fabriculous. 


Candy Castle does it again!

This is the Kiwi Kimono! It is a fantastic light weight option for summer, perfect for a swim cover up, something to toss on for a chill in the summer air, or those incredible cold restaurants. 

Candy Castle Patterns is updating a lot of their patterns with some more interactive links in the instructions and for this design she added the band, which I used to add a pop of contrasting color! I already love their patterns because they are so great at explaining everything and so much personality comes through in them, I always feel like I am sewing and chatting with Rebecca the designer when I sew them up. 

This comes in both Girls Pattern  and women's Ladies Pattern

These are great shots to show off the new added band, again used here to offer a pop of color and drama to the kimono 

As always if you are interested in this for kids or women sizing feel free to shoot me a message and i will work with you on making one in the colors and design you love! I choose this bright print for…

The Yvette from MODkids is here!

I was selected to test this latests patterns from MODkids. They offer lots of teen styles, which I love, this is an age where you may not really be into some of the adult women styles, but are for sure to old for the little kids styles. They are amazing at bridging that gap.

This new top and dress pattern is so unique. Lots of personality and little touches that set it apart from the rest. You can add ruffles as well. It is available in children sizes as well as tween sizes.  

Close up of the front and back details, this one does not have the ruffles, but you can see where they would be in the detailed shots. The dress is an extra layer, making it a maxi style. 

If you are interesting in ordering something along this style please message me and I will work with you on creating one special for you.

Home is where the Military takes us raglan

This raglan can come in all 3 of the color ways, the black with purple accent is shown here. You can preorder this shirt on my website here.

This is the where the military takes us panel but there is also a military child panel 

Originally done with a blank back, but base locations could be added, just message me when ordering to discuss options. 


The ultimate dress collection! Mix It Up!

George + Ginger has done it again. Kristi out did herself on this new pattern, the Mix it Up Dress with tunic options. 

This dress really does have it all and with so many options and combinations this truly is the ultimate dress. Below is the pictures of the options

Five front bodice, five back bodices, six sleeve lengths (including sleeveless) and five skirt versions—all interchangeable and ready to be customized just for you!
Front Bodice—yoke, horseshoe, leaf, keyhole and asymmetric Back Bodice—yoke, square, diamond, keyhole and full closure Sleeves—sleeveless, cap, short, elbow, 3/4 and long Skirts—full circle (peplum, mini, dress), half circle (peplum, mini, dress), handkerchief (peplum, mini, dress), hi-lo tunic (short and long) AND fitted skirt to add to peplum, hi-lo or stand alone

This is the horseshoe front with a square back mini. 

This amazing fabric is from The Fab Clique its CROC and roll in wine. 

This is the hi-low version with a square back and yoke fr…

Military Child Blanket PREORDERS

These are special PREORDER blankets they come in 2 different sizes. Orders must be placed by April 25th! 

These were just added in to the blanket pre order. 

Larger size is 58"x72" has the design pictured directly above, with a white back. 

The smaller size, pictured above is 28"x36" it has the same design as the larger on the front and the tossed design on the back of it. 

These blankets come in the 3 color ways pictured here. 

The 2 styles can be modified into larger blankets if you would like to talk to me about a custom design please message me before ordering. You can order these as is HERE

These are the same color ways from the entire round, all of the items I will be sharing this month with these designs can be ordered in these 3 color ways.