Don't let today be a waste of makeup

I feel like this hoodie is the perfect showcase piece for the direction I want to take this blog, to show off things I make, makeup styles, and travels, the things that make me, well me. I love fashion, makeup, creating beautiful and unique things, I am an Army brat so travel is just life.  

This hoodie I made for strikes promo a few weeks ago, it was a new style I hadn't made before. I really love how it turned out. The thumb holes and the black accents really just make it next level for me. I modified it a little cause I wanted a slouchy cowl look.  

I had colored my hair 'black' with overtone, its kind of a purple black. I really loved it, was such a drastic change from the colors I have had before but it was a fun one. I was glad it was still dark for this hoodie, the hair and the make up I think worked really well with the colors. 

I am still experimenting with different looks and styles of make up but one thing I know for sure, liquid eyeliner is life! 



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