Nirvana and My So Called Life

The grunge starter collection was an amazing way to bring in the year. I had a lot of fun with this collection, listening to a lot of bands I wasn't familiar with really before. I had heard of Nirvana but I didn't really know them and Kurts story. They quickly became my favorite. 

I also was introduced to My So Called Life, and Jodan, oh the lean! This became kind of a thing through out all the pictures, needed to get at least one lean. 

We went to the mall here to get a few fun shots, we discovered that the grunge look never was really very big on the Islands though, at least this part of them. So many looks, people actually came out of stores.. super weird lol 

Even with the few uncomfortable moments, and looks, this was super fun, I love all the pieces I made, and am looking forward to seeing whats next from George + Ginger because this is only the beginning of the year! 

The pieces here are the Teen Spirit top, the paranoid tied at the waist and my favorite pair of evenings pants! 


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