Never under estimate what a kid will do to go to the movies!

When Toy Story 4 was about to hit theaters my little sister asked to go see it, but she has never seen the first 3, she's only seen the shorts. So my mom told her she needed to watch the first 3 and if she liked them and could sit through them then my dad would take her. 

No one expected her to make it through 1 let alone all 3 marathon style. When she finished watching all 3 she immediately asked how soon she could go. Maybe a bit of a backfire lol. 

After seeing the 4th one, she could not stop talking about Bo. That is her favorite, so for Christmas she got a Bo pop, which of course had to join her in these pictures.

I made her this fun skirt with large pockets, out of border print. It wasn't my original plan, but I accidentally didn't order enough for what I had thought to make for her, but I think this turned out really cute and she's thrilled with it! 


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