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Never under estimate what a kid will do to go to the movies!

When Toy Story 4 was about to hit theaters my little sister asked to go see it, but she has never seen the first 3, she's only seen the shorts. So my mom told her she needed to watch the first 3 and if she liked them and could sit through them then my dad would take her. 

No one expected her to make it through 1 let alone all 3 marathon style. When she finished watching all 3 she immediately asked how soon she could go. Maybe a bit of a backfire lol. 

After seeing the 4th one, she could not stop talking about Bo. That is her favorite, so for Christmas she got a Bo pop, which of course had to join her in these pictures.

I made her this fun skirt with large pockets, out of border print. It wasn't my original plan, but I accidentally didn't order enough for what I had thought to make for her, but I think this turned out really cute and she's thrilled with it! 


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My love affair with Candy Castle

I have been thinking about what really set me on this path with confidence and conviction; The Peppermint Swirl. My mom saw this dress and really wanted it for my sister, the pattern was purchased in January and there it sat until march with me avoiding it. I admit I was intimidated. It looked so complicated! 

The above picture is the one she finally talked me into making, if you are not familiar with this dress you will not realize I completely screwed it up, it is supposed to have a swirl not ruffle look. Using my moms Facebook at the time I nervously posted in in Candy Castles group, the response was not what I expected. 

People LOVED it, they wanted to know how I did it... What?! This mistake started a crazy trend for a hot minute. Something else happened too though, while I had cut it wrong, I made it! I made a really cool dress that Kaylee loved and total strangers were trying to copy! ME! Alyssa Cotter at 12 did that! 

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Not everyone understands what being a Military kid is like. It is amazing and sad at the same time. I have lived in several states, been on more flights than I can count and gotten to see places people dream of vacationing. I have also had to say good bye to so many people, the adventure never ends. 

All of this is why the round that Mandi over at Fabriculous made a reality is so important to me. I came to her with an idea for a small off shoot, a panel and something to go with it and she made it into a 3 color way, 2 panel option, blanket topper, mind blowing round! It is something featured on her business page, something I am seeing people rallying around and finding as beautiful as I do. Its truly a humbling and incredible feeling. 

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Let me tell you a Fabriculous story...

Travel with me back to December 2018, I shared a scarf I made into Fabriculous custom fabrics, I thought it was really cool and wanted to show it off. Out of no where the owner Mandi commented on it and asked if I had a store, and then shared it to her business page and placed an order! Now this might not have been my first order ever, but I mean she could sew this herself! I shared how exciting that was all over to family and friends 🤣

Flash forward a month, I was getting ready for a little family vacation to a resort here on the island, making a bunch of things to take on the trip, cause thats the way I roll. I get a message from Mandi, offering me some strikes if I was interested, and of course I was! 

I got them the day I was leaving for a few and made some pegs right away cause I was so excited, not only strikes and so many of them, but sewing themed! Talk about a dream offer. 

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