Character Makeup, and living Art

 I have been working on a lot of make up looks, with my different classes, some light hearted and some with a much deeper meaning. I also have gotten my Beyond The Clothing Facebook group up and running, I am working on a YouTube channel, I really don't want to rush it though, I have taken a few classes on it too, I am a little nervous about it. 

The look above is my take on the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland, turning into a butterfly. Below is the white rabbit from the same, these are from a character interpretation makeup class. 

The design below is a bit deeper, from my living arts class. It is from a painting, False Mirror, Rene Migrette.

My interpretation is the false mirror being other people words and opinions forming how I see myself. The side that has super pretty makeup being me taking back control of my thoughts and how self reflection. I think everyone has others voices as part of their inner voice to a point, unfortunately those voices aren't always pleasant. This for me is kind of reflecting on that, and showing how the things you say stay with people. 

The image below is a zombie Mad Hatter, back from the character painting class, I was putting it at the bottom because there is some zombie qualities, and I wanted to warn people, I know some can be very sensitive to bloody make up. I just really loved how elements of it turned out. Its not gore really. 


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