Sewing, makeup, & feeling FANCY

This was the last pattern test I did before my braces came off! So a bit of a special spot I guess as well its so fancy feeling. 

This is some sewing themed fabric I had mixed with a solid black, for an extra formal feel to me. I am totally gonna hang out in it sewing or whatever but I will will feel fabulous doing it! Reminds me of a post I have seen shared from a singer sewing machine manual from the 50's where you are supposed to clean the house, get dressed up and put on make up before sewing, because you can possibly focus otherwise... how the times have changed right?!

I do like to dress up and do my makeup most days though simply because its fun, but my sewing space is not as organized as some would like it to be (mom). However its organized chaos, I mostly know where everything is at all times. 

Anyway this top is the new MAZE from George + Ginger. It comes with several options, I choose the 3/4 sleeve hi low with horse hair braid to give it that extra volume. 

I went a bit more subtle (for me) with my make up colors and look for this one to not over shadow the top, but to work with its more dressed up look. I am really excited about the project I mentioned the other day, I am busy working on content before I launch so you will have lots to check out and look at right away. Hopefully I will be able to launch around Christmas, end of the year. 



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