Braces are finally gone!

I had my living arts make up class a few days before I had my braces off so my last living arts photos with braces, and it was pop art! It all felt very fitting to me lol. 

The left is the day I got my braces put on, almost 3 years ago! I had to have dental surgery and it really delayed everything. I had to be put under and recover took days, then it took like a year to move the tooth into position. So basically forever to me! 
The right is right before they took them off, we were gonna take one at the house before we left but it was super early and we forgot. Getting them off wasn't so bad, but they first set of retainers didn't fit and we had to go back that day for a 3rd time, and honestly I was just over it! I was ready to take my chances. 

After it was finally done! This was a super long day and not the most fun I have ever had lol. I am so happy to have them off though. It has taken a few days for my mouth to get used to the retainer though and lack of braces. Its so weird after almost 3 years. 

Also I am really excited about another platform I am working on and will be ready to share more about it soon. I want to get it up and running before I share links but I am really excited about the direction I am taking things, I hope you will stay with me and come on the ride :) 


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