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Alyssa meets Steampunk, and falls in love...

Hello again everyone! Today I am going to be showing you the Boudoir Blouse, and the Paradox skirt from the Goth Collection over at George + Ginger. These are woven patterns so measurements are critical when making them for your self of if you want to order them from me 🙂 These are very well fitted and tailored garments and they are so worth the extra time and expense. 

I made this blouse with Crush Bichon Charmeuse, it has a great texture look to it. It was a super fun fabric to work with. The sleeves are a chiffon with a glitter design on it. I thought it would look great with the Brocade I picked out for my skirt. 

I used snaps on mine but you could do some really cool vintage looking buttons, or gears for a more steampunk flare to it. The amazing this about this collection is how your fabric and accessory choices can really change the look so easily. I love that! 

I was for sure feeling a little more steampunk when deciding my fabrics, colors, accessories and styling.  This umbrella is like my favorite purchase made to complete the look it really tied together all the colors and feel. 

The paradox I made has the accents on the bottom they are optional but I felt like they just took it over the top and really added to the complete look and feel. There is also a pick up skirt option, I have not made one of those yet but it is on my to do list! It is a fun look. 

The skirt is made out of a silver and black brocade, with the under skirt being silky satin charmeuse, in a color that matched the snaps and beads on the umbrella to complete the look off. I did a double ruffle on the skirt, because when the choice of 'basic or extra' is asked you say EXTRA! 

This is a super fitted skirt even with the zipper I had to do some grading, which is why I say measuring is so important here. I am really proud of what I made this collection, these pieces were challenging and a few times I had to walk away but I knew it was going to be worth it when I was done, to trust in my skills and Kristi's drafting and instructions and I think the end result is incredible. After all the sewing and planning was done the photo shoots were so much fun! I had a great time playing with make up looks, posing, styling. This has truly been a blast! 


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